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Don't Blame Me...

May 28, 2015 | Posted by: Danny

You got to blame the road, baby!

Very excited to be playing my brand new song "Blame The Road" at our live shows and can't wait to record it. It's a high-octane country rock song about loving the road and being born to move fast! If you want a sneak peak before we record it get out to a live show!

"It ain't me who drew those lines

out across those hills that run for miles and miles

you can't blame a wheel for the way it rolls

so don't hate me for it baby, no you got to blame the road"

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Danny Grause is feeling generous!

I must admit the winter blues have gotten to me a bit here lately. I'm very much looking forward to spring and sipping on something cold in a nice shady spot. When my spirits get down there's one thing that always cheers me up... GIVING STUFF ...

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