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From the trailer to the grave... Thanks Frank!

Jun 27 | Posted by: Danny |

You really can't predict how your day is gonna go or what may slap you in the face just when you need it to, but I'm always thankful when it does. Yesterday I was at Lowe's buying some stuff for my band trailer and I heard a voice behind me. Turned out it was an older guy I know named Frank. I met Frank when I was 17. He'd been playing in bands longer than I'd been alive. Frank had also been a farmer and, in his later years, decided to stop playing music. Farming had taken a toll on his body and his hands were riddled with arthritis and scars. He and I shot the bull for about 10 minutes and got on the subject of my band. He looked right at me and said "it never really goes away, does it. Music is just a part of you, like blood. I haven't played for 10 years and I still dream about it". For whatever reason, that really hit me. Truth be told there are days when I think it's not worth the struggle. There are days when I look at my trailer and all the money I've invested in my music and feel an overwhelming burden to make it all worth it. But then, thankfully, there's moments when I realize that none of that shit matters because MUSIC isn't a destination. It's who I am. It's in my blood. Trailer to the grave. Thanks Frank.  

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