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new song lyrics - dedicated to all the stupid men out there who wised up

Nov 19 | Posted by: Danny |

Wrote a song over lunch break today... check out the lyrics and let me know what you think!

"The Grave"

I was singing for no one 'bout a quarter to ten

making eyes at the waitress, and 3 sheets to the wind

when I saw a young cowboy come in all alone

and the words that he said put a chill in my bones


He walked to the stage with a small leather bag

and said here's some money, it's all that I have

I need something slow when I ask her to dance

and if you play it right I might have a chance


Play me a song that'll make her forgive me

Play me a song that might make her stay

and if it don't work and she's walking out

Play me a song as I go to my grave


He told me about all the wrong that he'd done

How she chose a baby, and he chose to run

but he couldn't bare to be that kind of man

so he came here tonight to ask for her hand

(repeat chorus)

A pretty young woman came in from the cold

hell bent on claiming the heart that he stole

but the cowboy he cried as he feel to his knee

and that was enough to make her believe

(final chorus)

So I played a song that would make her forgive me

I played a song that might make her stay

and when I looked up they were leaving together

and I knew he'd love her til he goes to his grave.

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