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Thanks for the song pastor Dave!

Nov 20 | Posted by: Danny |

Took my nephew to chuch last night as a guest at his confirmation class. Heard "pastor Dave" lecture on some fascinating stuff. So I went ahead and wrote a song about it. Leave a comment and tell me what you think! Maybe it will be on my next album!

'The Last Song"

Well that cowboy sun is burning, Sunday morning's on the rise

and I'm trading in the church row for a string of highway lines

There's better ways of living but the road is all I know

So I pray for my redemption in this song to sing me home


Glory, Glory, won't you look after my soul

and please forgive me for the sins that I have known

Glory, Glory, won't you let this guitar ring

and 'til my dying day's upon me keep me well and let me sing

I can hear the words of family, turned to angels in my head

When I find the bottle's empty and the devil's in my bed

Though I many not be the righteous, I am surely not the damned

For I know that your are with me when I fall or when I stand

( repeat chorus)

When I close my eyes forever won't you take me as I am

Won't you leave these scars upon me as I look upon this land

Let me feel a rolling thunder, let me hear the wind at night

and don't let me be asunder from the world I leave behind

(final chorus)

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